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A large part of that bond is the child's desire to please the parent.The more the parent spanks the child, the less likely it is for that child to want to please the parent. Parents that spank may feel they have to spank longer and harder to get the same message across and eventually the child stops responding all together.

In addition, anti-social behavior, which Straus defined as lying, cheating, bullying or being cruel to others, was 14 percent higher in the frequently spanked group from 1986 to 1988.6 In short, spanking is said to be the easy way out, taking care of the problem for the time being, but having adverse effects down later in life.

People who are against spanking have come up with a variety of alternative methods of teaching children right from wrong.

Today, parents are more apt to try anything other that a swat on the behind.

Reason, however, doesn't impress a 3 year-old so the behavior is often ignored because passive parents don't want to risk mentally scaring their child.

As more and more abuse cases were brought to light, laws were changed to protect the child.1 Psychological issues soon began to crop up and spanking soon came under fire, being called a form of child abuse and in some cases punishable under the law.

Researchers have studied the effects of spanking and the effects are not to be taken lightly.

Spanking is not the answer for everything, but in some cases it is the only answer.

The growing trends for passive discipline in the United States stem largely from the revelation that there were people out there that severely abused their children.

For infants, the best way is to keep it simple.7 If a child is about to touch something dangerous, grasp the infant's hand instead of slapping it.

If the child has something that it shouldn't have, parents can try trading the item for a toy instead of taking the item by force. h the child, which will only frustrate both parties.


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