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Just be careful not to use transition words or phrases that are too overused, such as “in conclusion” or “to sum up.” Other transition words that you could use are “incidentally,” “to summarize,” or “given these points.”If you spent 10 pages developing your ideas with one tone, don’t switch the tone at the very end.

For example, after writing a research paper with an objective tone, you shouldn’t use an overly emotional, subjective appeal at the end.

Which of the types would best suit your writing and speak to your readers?

After you’ve determined the type of conclusion to use, follow these do’s and don’ts to strengthen your writing.

Yes, your thesis statement and the main idea should be a part of the summary that is the essay conclusion but try not to repeat these in the exact same words.

The statement you use in your essay conclusion should end the paper, not leave the reader wondering.Even if you don’t pose a question in your introduction, you need to wrap up all of your ideas.If you don’t take the time to provide your reader with a sense of closure at the end, they may feel empty and unsatisfied.Before you start writing your essay conclusion, you should learn about the common mistakes students make when writing this essay part and know how to write a conclusion for an essay.There are many guides that will help you include the important points in essay conclusion writing, but failing to recognize your errors can do some serious damage to your paper quality.As is the case with the remaining parts of your essay, you must make sure your essay conclusion is cohesive, too.Don’t just toss words and statements to end your essay faster – make sure that your summary of the essay is cohesive.However, while these are accepted for an oral presentation, they are often seen as mechanical and redundant in writing.Moreover, such a conclusion can give the reader the impression that you didn’t bother with writing the essay, or that you are not as creative as professors expect.When finishing your essay, always ask yourself ‘So what?’ Your readers need to take away some information or guidance after reading the essay.


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