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Many theorists and researchers have sought to answer the question, "Why does this particular man batter or sexually assault? Among them have been biologic factors such as androgenic hormonal influences; evolutionary theo- ries; intrapsychic explanations focused on mental disorder or personality traits and profiles; social learning models that highlight the socialization experiences that shape individual men to be violent; social information processing theory concerning the cognitive processes that offenders engage in before, during, and after violence; sociocultural analyses aimed at understanding the structural features of society at the level of the dyad, family, peer group, school, religion, media, and state that encourage male violence and maintain women as a vulnerable class of potential victims; and feminist explanations stressing the gendered nature of violence against women and its roots in patriarchal social systems.Recently, researchers armed with multivariate statistical analysis have tested complex models of violence with multiple factors to explain battering (Mc Kenry et al., 1995) and to model the common roots of verbal, physical, and sexual coercion toward women (Malamuth et al., 1995).

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Women are battered by those in which they thought that they could place their trust in. frightening fact that domestic abusers are always intimate with their victims, at one time or another. Woman have been convinced by the abuser that the violence in all their fault.

Also, many woman have lost their self esteem and believe all of the humiliating words that have they heard from the abuser.

Also new are integrative metatheories of intimate violence that consider the impact of historical, sociocultural, and social factors on people, including the processes whereby social influences are transmitted to and represented within individual psychological functioning, including cognition and motivation (White, in press).

Many of the theories about the causes of perpetrating violence against women are drawn from the literature on aggression and general violence.

A vital part of understanding a social problem, and a precursor to preventing it, is an understanding of what causes it.

Research on the causes of violence against women has consisted of two lines of inquiry: examination of the characteristics that influence the behavior of offenders and consideration of whether some women have a heightened vulnerability to victimization.

The statistics of woman and domestic violence are very high .

"Domestic violence is the victimization of a person with whom the abuser has or has had an intimate, romantic or spousal relationship" .

From an evolutionary perspective, the goal of sexual behavior is to maximize the likelihood of passing on one's genes.

This goal involves maximizing the chances that one will have offspring who themselves will survive to reproduce.


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