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Note that the legal drinking age in France for beer and wine is 18 - 16 if you are supervised by your parents!-, so when I say party, I mean party : we will drink and go to clubs - ID is rarely checked, because as long as you’re not too drunk, people won’t care.

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Malthus' life's work on human population and its dependency on food production and the environment was highly controversial on publication in 1798.

He predicted what is known as the Malthusian catastrophe, in which humans would disregard the limits of natural resources and the world would be plagued by famine and disease.

That makes us dependent either on our parents or public transportation.

If you live in the countryside, you will get your driving license as fast as you can as soon as you turn 18. well, you don’t really need it, and it is really not uncommon that you won’t even get your license before a much older age, because the bus, metro, train can take you anywhere.

In the lycée we will study : To which you can also add Latin, Ancient Greek, Arts, a third language…

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For example, I took Latin and Ancient Greek, so I was often finishing class at 7pm.

This was retrieved from the Department of Social Services’ Community Information Summaries .

These 2011 figures will be updated with the forthcoming release of 2016 census data relating to migrant communities.

I didn't drive until I was 30, some friends still don’t have a license - you really don’t need one in Paris.

Edit : it is also common for teenagers to be already politically engaged - and leaning left - so when there are big social contestation movements and demonstrations, they won’t hesitate to answer the call of political parties and/or unions and block their high schools to go on strike. A successful demonstration in France gets high school students in the streets.


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