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This is not easy to do; I’m guessing, you’ve never written an essay exactly like this.Therefore, read some of the essay samples and the responses online to see exactly how one goes about discussing how a writer persuades his or her audience.

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Instead, you should think of yourself as a referee or judge.That way, their audience is more likely to be persuaded.You might be thinking that the kids should just be able to go to another school. Those are valid objections and that’s why writing doesn’t just aim to persuade us at an emotional level (pathos) but also at an intellectual or logical level (Happy Hills Private School is a one of a kind institution for gifted children recruited from all over the country.An important first step is to know the directions, which won’t change test day since the SAT will recycle them, word-for-word, as they appear below.“Consider how the author (the name will change each time) uses It’s good to know how writers go about persuading us.Indeed, the ancients—meaning Greek dudes walking around in togas—developed a glossary of terms to describe the way a speaker or writer aims to persuade his or her audience.This is a fancy way of referring to the speaker/writer, the person trying to argue at point. For the SAT, the writer of the article is the rhetor; the audience is made up of those who originally read the work.Your job is to describe how the rhetor is trying to persuade his or her audience.To understand this, the next few terms are essential and tie back to the directions listed above.All I did was attribute—or credit—the idea to an entity. I appealed to the highest educational authority in the land.After all, if I put “I think”, you might wonder, who the heck I am.


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