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It is the poor Ophelia who suffers at her lover's discretion because of decisions she was obligated to make on behalf of her weak societal position.

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His emotional upswing is devoted entirely to his mother, and while his emotions are not an imitation, he does admit that he "essentially [is] not in madness,/ But mad in craft" (lines 187-188).

Ophelia is then left to mourn her father, but it is not his death alone that spurns her insanity.

In her situation is more severe because it is her lover who murders her father and all of her hopes for her future as well. haracter and causes her melancholy and grief to quickly turn to irretrievable madness.

Critics argue that Hamlet has the first reason to be hurt by Ophelia because she follows her father's admonitions regarding Hamlet's true intentions for their beginning love.

Hamlet mourns for his father, but it is the bitterness and ill-will that he harbors towards his mother for her hasty marriage to his uncle that is his most reoccurring occupation. When it happens that Hamlet accidentally slays Polonius, he does not appear to be thinking of the potential effect of his actions on Ophelia.

Hamlet has sealed her fate, and along with the "vacillations in [his] attitude and behavior toward her could not but be extremely unsettling to the very young woman who idolized [him]" she does not have much in the way that is positive for her (Lidz 157).

Throughout the entire murder scene in Act 3, Scene!

4, Hamlet does not remark about the damage he has done to Ophelia.

They each share a common connection: the loss of a parental figure.

Hamlet loses his father as a result of a horrible murder, as does Ophelia.


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