Essay On Becoming A Pastry Chef

Essay On Becoming A Pastry Chef-30
During the training course I had to show endurance with a workload and important pressures.

I would like to thank the Pastry Chef and the team at my internship. ” Calisha (Trinidad et Tobago) – Hotel restaurant * Michelin “Before, I wasn’t really interested in cooking, but now I cook for pleasure.

When I cook I forget all my problems because I like Culinary art.

My family and my friends who missed me helped me to survive in this unknown earth.

I shall not forget all the experiences during my internship.

All this learning and these advice, I shall take them and shall keep with me all my life.

Essay On Becoming A Pastry Chef

These things for me have no price and I can only thank for this incredible experience.

I enormously evolved and increased, and I am going to leave from here more ripe and more prepared to pursue my dream and make an excellent work.

It was undoubtedly the strongest experience of my life!

This experience offered me a good preparation for Chef job.» Li (China)- hôtel-restaurant de collection « I would like to have my own restaurant, but I never had any cooking training.

I learned a lot, I gained experience and I had nice friendships.


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