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First, for any propaganda to survive it must control the media.Propaganda must have a hold of any media of information so that it can control the flow of information itself. This element can be explained as propaganda having a public face that makes it gain public support.

Some of his songs are linked to the Columbine High School massacre, which shows that the tragedy would have been as a result of bowling (Robbers 2).

Manson, a public figure of the media, also supports the fact that the USA is a country of fear and consumption, and that the president is never accused by the media of any murders.

Moore utilizes various elements of propaganda and persuasion for the society to support his views against the NRA and present Charlton Heston as a villain (Robbers 3).

This essay describes five key elements of propaganda.

This generates a lot of emotional appeal to the people’s minds and hearts.

This influences a K-Mart spokesman to state that they will change their policies concerning selling ammunition where Moore shows up again in support of media personalities accompanying him to claim their victory.The television is a tool that has had a great impact on propaganda.Television has increased the effectiveness and amount of propaganda because of the ability to communicate visually to a large number of people rapidly over long distance, especially through films.This component appeals to the minds and hearts of people to gain their trust and support by depicting the villain as an evil person. This element diverts attention from troublesome issues and depicts partial facts.Another component of propaganda is simplicity and repetition.The essay explains how Moore has propagated the film’s ideas to explain film’s subject that seeks to examine the high rates of violence in the United States.To start with, the United States has the highest rate of murders and homicides related to using weapons. Moore propagates his ideas by employing interviews and confrontations to a number of parties that are involved with the issue of guns.In the film, there is a bank where one is offered a free gun when someone opens an account (Robbers 1).The second element is of emotional appeal and is depicted where Moore takes two survivors to demonstrate against the selling of ammunition at K-Mart, while the bullets of the young men are still in their bodies.The third element, imagery, is portrayed when a song plays without narrations to show some footage; this is supposed to support Mr. Footage depicts various events such as shooting ranges during riots and shootings of family members among others.This imagery is realistic and provides a strong and bold message that does not support the possession of arms as it could harm the beloved ones as well as cause accidents to innocent people.


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