Essay On Effects Of Global Warming

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1 Agriculture was dry and areas received little rainfall which caused economic loss to the economy. When there are more heavy storms there is more chance that there will be floods associated.

Droughts are becoming more and more evident across the world which 1 "Global Warming: The Economic Effects." Global Warming Causes & Global Warming Effects. Floods and tsunamis prove to be huge problems because of the economic damage they cause.

Global warming has had a negative impact on our biological systems and has definitely proven to be an economic problem.

As a result of warmer temperatures, agricultural sectors are being affected.

Ice glaciers are melting due to warmer temperatures and some areas will face shortage of fresh water due to this.

The Himalayas get forty percent of their fresh water from the rivers flowing in the glaciers.Natural disasters are terrible and result in millions of dollars in damages.Many diseases have been introduced due to rising temperatures. affected by the destruction of homes, businesses, and companies, but by the death of human beings.These disasters can potentially lead to a huge economic loss and have proven to do so in the past. 5 Natural disasters cause major setbacks in economies and to this day these economies are still trying to pick themselves back up.On August 29th, 2005, New Orleans faced a treacherous hurricane called “Katrina”. Billions and billions of dollars have been lost due to the outcomes of global warming and its many causes. Phelan Today, global warming is becoming more and more volatile to the earth and has caused economic effects.This natural disaster caused around 25 billion dollars of property damage.If you are including the economic losses, it faced around 100 billion dollar loss!Increasing temperatures are not good because the warmer it gets the warmer water gets.When water gets warmer it begins to expand and could potentially move towards coastal areas where they can cause economic damage.


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