Essay On Illegal Immigration In The United States

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They, however, have given reasons to explain why a relationship between a high population of illegal immigrants and crime at the Border States might be possible (Orrenius & Coronado 3).

The first reason has to do with the assumption that illegal immigrants get involved in crime more than the Americans themselves.

However, statistics have shown that Arizona as well as California and Texas are made to deal with the problem of increased crime that has resulted from the increased number of illegal immigrants (Fox News 1).

Research has shown that in Arizona, illegal immigrants have been known to collaborate with organizations that control smuggling activities to undertake criminal activities (1).

As a matter of fact, the population of illegal immigrants in the prisons was found to be far much less than the expected number (Fox News 1).

Kingsbury (1) also pointed out that the increasing number of immigrants in the United States should not be blamed for rising rate of criminal activities.

FAIR (1) observed that even though the illegal immigrants would work and so get to contribute to the American economy through taxation, studies point out that if the jobs done by these illegal aliens were done by Americans, much more revenue would be collected by the government.

The immigration costs are paid mostly by the federal government although the states and the municipalities also contribute.

Judicial Watch (1) observed that criminal gangs are in most cases made up of illegal immigrants responsible for many of the violent crimes taking place in the United States.

They are also accused of distributing drugs in (Judicial Watch 1).


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