Essay On Importance Of Discipline Among Students

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To test these hypotheses, the researchers created a composite measure of student self-discipline based on data from multiple survey questionnaires administered to students, their parents, and teachers.

The researchers then compared results from this composite measure to a variety of academic indicators, including student grades, standardized assessment scores, and admission to a selective academic program.

The quantity of blood also increases after you donate the blood.

There are many advantages to donate the blood and no single reason as to why you should not.

Student motivation and engagement play an important role in learning and academic achievement.

Closely related to motivation is self-discipline, the ability of students to monitor and control their own behaviors.Although researchers have looked at self-discipline in young children and college-age students, little research has examined the role of self-discipline in the academic success of adolescents.Angela Duckworth and Martin Seligman conducted the study highlighted in this issue of Research Brief (see below for full citation).Humans need a significant amount of blood to live a healthy life and donating blood does no harm to anyone.The blood that you give to someone helps them in living a healthy life and the blood that you donate grows again in your body.There are only 8 blood types and therefore the right type of blood should be available at the right time and that becomes a very difficult thing in our country.Hence, people should donate blood and should also encourage others to donate blood as it will only save a life of some other human being.The research progressed in two stages: (1) looking at self-discipline and academic achievement and (2) replicating the first study while expanding the methodology to include measures of intelligence, as well as study and lifestyle habits.The research was designed to test three hypotheses: that students with a strong sense of self-discipline would do better than their more impulsive peers on measures of academic behavior and achievement, that self-discipline would be a stronger predictor of academic success than intelligence, and that student self-discipline would predict academic achievement.The donation of blood is considered as a human behavior and if someone needs then you must never think twice to donate the blood.The human body organs have different functions and they need the energy to be active throughout the day and for that, the organs need oxygen and energy which is provided by blood.


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