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I remember that when I was child, I had a brawl with my pal, and my father made me say sorry to him.That incident has an influence on the way I behave myself now.

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Teachers influence our lives by presenting a different approach to thinking and performing things. Through experience, friends affect your life a lot.

Parents, educators, and friends have made us into what we are at present.

However, I came to understand that their behaviors have influence in my conduct and character.

In conclusion, many people influenced the life of every individual but amid them the roles of teachers and parents are more important than others.

Throughout childhood, children do not face predicaments and parents teach them how to overcome problems. Besides, they hold up their children with no anticipation of something in return.

I cannot picture my life without the help of my parents.They have contributed to what I know now, and influenced me about the things I like and those that I do not like.These individuals can significantly transform our entire life because we really trust them.Whenever I have a difficulty, I turn to them and solicit their guidance, which can potentially transform my entire life.Friends also play an important role in building our character.Parents are also the ones who have the obligations to guide us on the path to our future.Teachers, on the other hand, are the ones who play the role of our parents in our learning institutions.Friends, unlike parents and teachers, can influence us either positively or negatively.It is believed that bad friends ruin good character.In my early years, my parents taught me to stay close to friends who have good character, for example, those who do not lie, steal, fight or do anything wrong.At first, I could not actually comprehend the idea behind it until when I was a teen.


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