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Working with a therapist can help people overcome their prejudices, understand the effects of prejudice on people they love, and develop strategies for dealing with the mental health effects of living in a world filled with prejudice.Prejudice is often confused for discrimination, or with forms of oppression such as racism and sexism.

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A person’s prejudices might not even be internally consistent.

For instance, a person might believe both that men are inherently unemotional and prone to emotional angry outbursts.

Their prejudicial belief in seniors’ refusal to learn new things may even cause them to ignore evidence to the contrary in an applicant’s .

When this attitude plays a role in many decisions, it can lead to systemic discrimination.

Indeed, most schools offer therapists little training on the role of racism, sexism, and other forms of prejudice and discrimination in therapy.

Prejudice can undermine the therapeutic process and harm clients.Moreover, it’s important to note that discrimination manifests in many forms.While legal segregation has ended, segregation remains a problem.While discrimination and oppression characterize behavior by powerful groups directed toward the less powerful, anyone can be prejudiced. Prejudgment may cause a person to ignore information that contradicts their prejudice. For example, a parent who believes that boys are tough and rambunctious might attribute their son’s crying to anger rather than to empathy for another person or fear of a monster.When prejudice leads to inaccurate or incomplete conclusions about other people, it can harm relationships.Many groups have faced discrimination and oppression that stemmed from prejudicial beliefs.Some types of prejudice include: Prejudice does not necessarily cause discrimination, but is almost always a factor.For example, research shows that white people continue to choose segregated neighborhoods, and that they prefer to move out of neighborhoods that contain even small numbers of non-white residents.A study published in 2009 found that white people still believe that all-white neighborhoods are the most desirable.A doctor might even think that someone who is in severe pain is an addict seeking painkillers.It’s possible to be prejudiced against many groups.


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