Essay Punctuality Is The Key To Success

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When you’re on time you’re prepared to do your best. I think one thing that people need to consider is that being late shows a disregard for others and their time.Being punctual signals to others, as well as to yourself, that you can be depended on. Live your best life by adopting the habit of always being on time. Recently, I read about a high profile mayor of a major city in the U. It may be difficult to process, but it is rude and disrespectful. I do recognize that for whatever reason people do have these issues( you outlined many of them) but I hope people will consider that being late sends a strong message about how you feel about other people.If this is the case, accept that you need to start getting out of bed 20 minutes earlier in order to make it to your morning destination on time. For example, if you know that it takes you three minutes to take a shower, set a timer for three minutes right before you step into the shower. One reason why you may have a tendency to be late is because you simply have too much to do.

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Discipline is important as it binds the employees and also motivates them to respect their organization.

Punctuality ensures employees attend office daily and also complete their working hours.

Would you be able to concentrate on your work if the colleague sitting next to you is constantly over the phone and chatting with his girlfriend? Discipline is in fact the lifeline of an organization.

Without discipline, employees would not only misbehave but also do whatever they want to do.

You need to understand that there is a difference between office and home and you just can’t behave in the same way at work as you behave at home.

Discipline is crucial at workplace as it ensures employees behave in a decent way and also maintain the decorum of the workplace. Discipline ensures individuals maintain silence at workplace and work as a single unit with their team members to achieve organization goals and objectives.

Punctual employees seldom take leaves and are assets to an organization.

Employees who take leaves after every alternate day are mere burdens on the system and do not contribute much to the overall productivity of the organization.

Keep telling yourself, “Important people are punctual”. Once you’ve reversed engineered the time at which you need to leave in order to arrive at your intended destination on time, force yourself to leave at that time. Set up a reminder for meetings and appointments an hour before you have to leave.

Think of the following scenario: you’ve calculated that you need to leave by ten a.m. Look at the following: If you leave for your appointments on time–and you give yourself a time cushion in case something goes wrong–, you’re practically guaranteed to be on time. Also, set up another reminder for fifteen minutes before you have to go. For important events, such as a job interview or if you have to give a presentation, practice how to get to where you need to be the day before.


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