Essay Writing On Happiest Day In My Life

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My half-yearly examination had just got over and so I had plenty of free time to spare. I was soon going to be the proud owner of a new car. On the stipulated date, I reached New Delhi and received the prize personally.

When I reached home in the evening after the visit to my friend, I went through the magazine, which I had bought. The organisers made arrangements for the safe delivery of the car at my native village. Hundreds came from far and near to see my new car which I had got for just rupees ten (the cost of the magazine).

However, she thought over it, consulted my father who was in his office and they both agreed to allow me to go to the United States to spend the rest of my holidays with my uncle.

I jumped from room to room and started packing my clothes, my books and other articles that I would need there.

The fun of it ended with it and the matter was forgotten. I was going to get a grand new Santro car – costing over four or five lakhs.

A fortnight later, I was playing with my friends in the village playground in the morning. Only one or two rich businessmen in my town had such a car. My uncle had arranged everything for me the tickets and the visa. My heart skipped several beats as I ran to give this great news to my mother.She was taken aback initially and her first reaction was not so positive. Every year this date reminds me that I am older by one year. It is a day of great rejoicings and merry-makings for me and for my family.If you are searching how to write a good essay, how to write a paragraph, how to start an essay, or searching English essay writing examples, paragraph example, essay help, narrative essay examples, persuasive essay topics and examples, essay writing template, paragraph website, paragraph writing structure, academic essay writing, the basics of essay writing, well written essays, essay writing structure, application essay help, essay sites, essay titles, formal essay you are at a right place. If someday is `happiest’ for someone, it may be ‘saddest’ for somebody else. Here we have education essay, research paper, sample essay, essay book, essay writing topics, college essay, descriptive essay, reflective essay, essay outline, argumentative essay topics, essay format, essay introduction, discipline essay, different types of essays, environment essay, illustration essay, quick essay writing help, Such happiest days in one’s life are quite a few and rare. While my mind was occupied with thoughts of holiday and having fun with my friends, the doorbell rang.I ran to answer it and found the postman with a parcel and a letter for me. My hands were itching to open the packet out of intense curiosity. and the letter along with it was from my uncle who had sent me a wonderful gift.My mind was filled with various ideas about how I would spend my time with my cousins.I started dreaming about Disney Land, Universal Studios, the Statue of Liberty, the Grand Canyon and the other tourist attractions that I had read about in magazines.


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