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College isn’t just about getting an education; instead, it’s a time to build a resume that can land you an entry-level position requiring three years of prior experience. We are defined by our desire for perfection and our need to set ourselves apart from the thousands of other graduates that are entering the workforce.

In order to become the person that society tells us we need to become, we stretch ourselves thin and become overinvolved. During my junior year, I forced myself to take 18-credit hours each semester, work full-time for the school newspaper, take on an unpaid internship, and devote hours each week to freelance writing for exposure.

From anywhere between $10-$20 a pill, you can buy a variety of “study drugs”—from Adderall to Ritalin or Vyvanse.

Just a small dose is enough to trick your brain into feeling more productive.

But caffeine can only do so much when you have a paper due in six hours, an exam in the morning, and you’ve spent more time in the library today than you have in your bed the entire week.

Essays On Adderall Abuse Role Of Political Leaders Essay

This is where Adderall, or any stimulant, seems to become a miracle drug.

Under the Convention of Psychotropic Substances, amphetamines is classified as a Schedule II drug, which means it has an accepted medical use, but remain tightly monitored to limit its potential for abuse.

Despite these new laws, amphetamine prescriptions and abuse continue to grow, with several doctors prescribing amphetamines for off-label use, such as treating depression.

When the United States Federal Education Department began classifying ADHD as an educational disability in 1991, ADHD diagnoses increased from one to three million.

Since then, pharmaceutical companies have publicized the syndrome and focused their marketing on educators and parents as a “cure” for hyper children.


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