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Our study finds a negative and statistically significant impact of financial intermediation on corruption.Specifically, the results imply that a one standard deviation increase in financial intermediation is associated with a decrease in corruption of 0.20 points, or 16 percent of the standard deviation in the corruption index and this relationship is shown to be robust to a variety of specification changes, including: (i) different sets of control variables; (ii) different econometrics techniques; (iii) different sample sizes; (iv) alternative corruption indices; (v) removal of outliers; (vi) different sets of panels; and (vii) allowing for cross country interdependence, contagion effects, of corruption.The study identifies credit market imperfections in low-income developing countries as the likely reason for a positive relationship between inequality and economic growth.

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This study suggests that the explanatory power of the military in politics is at least as important as the conventionally accepted causes of corruption, such as economic development.

Fourth, inflation seems to distort income distribution in all sets of countries.

Finally, the government emerges as a major player in impacting income distribution in developing countries.

The importance of financial market reforms in combating corruption has been highlighted in the theoretical literature but has not been systemically tested empirically.

In the fourth chapter, we provide a first pass at testing this relationship using both linear and non-monotonic forms of the relationship between corruption and financial intermediation.


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