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She said, "Unless the Giants make it, I'm not going." And, honestly, a month ago nobody was really thinking about the Cardinals going to the Super Bowl... tour, my beloved Washington Redskins were playing Denver, and Bruce happened to throw a Super Bowl party.and all of a sudden we're at the NFC Championship here in Phoenix, and I think Amy realized she was going to the Super Bowl. There were like 15 guys, and I think Elway put (Denver) up 10-0 early in the first quarter and it looked like a rout. Everyone in the room was for Denver, and they started egging me on and trying to shame me. They used to send me raw footage of these great, dirty, nasty, funky, cool players and I got to plug in my guitar and just jam away to this raw, great football footage until I came up with licks that turned into this (Tuff Stuff) CD.But I did it a lot when I was younger and just loved the game -- and still do. But sadly, 'cause I'm just kind of a jock and I played through the pain -- or I drank through the pain [laughs] -- all of a sudden I wound up 57 years old with 90-year-old hips.

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As I got older it turned into more basketball, because you can only play tackle or any kind of football for so long -- after all, I was a professional musician on the road.

I banged up my hands and my body enough playing basketball; at some point football got too tough to continue to do. I've been jumping off drum risers and, even worse, I've been doing a backflip off a little mini-tramp onto a hard floor, which is... The doctors figured thousands of hours of playing basketball on city courts probably hurt me even more than what I do on stage.

There's the corporate thing, and you only get 12 minutes, you have to chop up the songs, it's made for TV and all that.

But, hey, if you're good at what you do, you want to do it.

Then there's Rolling Stone, which apparently wiped Bruce bets off the table.

Still, any odds for this perfect cover opportunity?

If you got out on the turnpike and you got lost, and you missed your exit, and you got stopped at the bar, and you had a flat tire, and the bar got held up, and you made it in at on the clock... In the midst of his 25th year with the E Street Band, he's in Tampa to play at the Super Bowl XLIII halftime show -- and to root for the Arizona Cardinals, his current home town team (though the Washington Redskins are still No. He's also just brought out a new album, Tuff Stuff!

that's what we got goin' on Sunday."In addition to broadcasting the halftime show, SIRIUS XM will have a special hour of Super Bowl XLIII coverage with a unique look at this year's halftime performers. but I decide." He does share the mic, though -- a fun, fairly laid-back 20 minutes of questions, with the band all chiming in. The Best of the All-Madden Team, a collection of the "roaring rock instrumentals" he wrote and recorded for TV commentator John Madden's annual all-star teams.

Don't miss Joe Posnanski's extensive piece at, a thoughtful take on "Coming to Terms with Bruce Springsteen Playing the Super Bowl," featuring quotes from Nils Lofgren and our own Caryn Rose.

Here's Nils: "I know all the things Bruce doesn't like about it...


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