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As a rule of thumb, less can be more, that is, don’t ‘overload’ your video essay so that it becomes hard to identify the key insights.

As a rule of thumb, less can be more, that is, don’t ‘overload’ your video essay so that it becomes hard to identify the key insights.

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You Tuber Matt Draper, who makes videos about movies and comics, explained what makes an excellent video essay far more succinctly and effortlessly than I’ve been trying to do here. The style is why it’s a video — interesting visuals, strong editing, music that supports the tone of the video.When you think of the video essay, you might imagine someone expressing their love of a movie over a selection of clips, a compilation of a famous director’s signature shots, or a voice that says: “Hi, my name is Tony.” But these are just a few of a remarkable variety of approaches to making videos exploring film and media, a diversity of forms that is continually evolving and expanding.Here’s an attempt to account for some of the more recognizable modes of video essay, with key examples for each. The supercut is usually very short and lacks text so as to maximize its impact on a visual level.Research has been exceptionally thorough and wide-ranging, information has been selected and presented very appropriately for the topic, and the writer has contributed original ideas to the discussion Very thorough, detailed analysis with highly convincing, wide-ranging evidence to back up arguments, which use existing moving image material in creative and ethically responsible ways, adding value to it and showing awareness of copyright and fair use policies.The video essay is exceptionally well structured and well written, in immaculate, grammatically correct sentence structures and appropriate style, including a full bibliography and references according to the specified referencing style and with comprehensive and appropriate credits.You can of course be more technically ambitious if you have those skills and that equipment available to you.• Your group is not required to gain pre-approval of the project.Rather than merely presenting facts about a subject and calling it a day, a video essay tends to be more personal and opinionated, sparking an interesting discussion around analyzing the subject matter.That analysis is a critical component that separates video essays from reviews of media, as well.— but they aren’t trying to argue a thesis about the movies they critique other than “movies have flaws sometimes,” which… “Entire towering principles of video game design are conveyed into understandable, digestible information that anyone, whether invested in the medium or not, can understand,” Marriner observes, “I personally think it’s the best video essay of all time.” Marriner believes this specific video has continued to resonate with viewers because it “encapsulates everything great about the video essay format.” While hot takes about “The Last Jedi” will apparently always get thousands of views forever until the internet rots away, the videos essays that stand out the most tend to be well-researched — perhaps overly researched — presentations on a topic that either doesn’t get enough attention or that deserves a fresh look from another angle.A video essay I’ve watched more than I should have is H. It’s a nearly two-hour long takedown of the Benedict Cumberbatch Sherlock Holmes television show, and it’s glorious!


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