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Of course, this meant that our deadline was even more difficult to meet but I was highly motivated to win this client over.In our final week, we all worked very hard to finish the proposal and the presentation but the results showed that our hard work paid off.In addition this candidate displays a variety of other skills including initiative, creative thinking, great work ethic, determination and team work.

Question: “Tell me about a time you identified a need and went above and beyond the call of duty to get things done.” Here’s an example that shows how the SAO method can be used to answer a problem solving question.

Situation: In my role as a business development executive for an IT company, we were working towards the win of a large food company which was looking for a new customer interface which would allow them to complete all transactions online.

I was awarded sales person of the quarter for creativity and for going above and beyond the normal sales process.

This example demonstrates great problem solving skills by the candidate through their ability to analyse the needs of their customer and develop a strategy which would meet their need.

Most companies have their own preferred style for resolving issues for specific job roles.

Initiative: The ability to come up with the idea and take action without being asked. Vision and planning: The ability to foresee how the plan will carry out and the impact it will have on projects, people, customers, clients, sales etc.Perhaps having more than just one plan, or having a plan b.Resourcefulness: Your ability to use the resources, people and things around you to execute your plan.We were up against 3 other IT companies and each had to deliver a proposal and a presentation.Action: As one of the team members for this particular proposal, I did a lot of research on the company and I could see that their objectives were always focused around providing top quality service for their customers.Determination: You are persistent and don’t give up easily.Results oriented: Your drive and determination to seeing and achieving your desired outcome- solving the problem.I created a questionnaire which detailed the likes, dislikes and suggested improvements by their customers.This was a lengthy process and we were almost sure that the other IT companies would not have gone to such lengths, but I believed it would prove our determination to supply them with the best product that we could offer.Outcome: The client was highly impressed with our efforts and customer focused approach which he stated “is at the heart of our business”.He also said “By taking the time to understand our customers, you have gained our trust in your systems.” Needless to say, we won the project and I was recognised by our company for my efforts.


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