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He becomes a monster because he is victimized by the witches, manipulated by his wife, and brought down by in ambition.He seems to be the evil villain when he kills his best friend in order to be king, and yet he feels incredible guilt for the acts that he has committed, something that a real monster would not feel.

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An “archetype” is considered to be the original on which many other ideals are based.

For example, we have archetypal heroes that often come from ancient mythology.

That's what Mister Rogers said, that's what he wrote down, once upon a time, for the doctors. An ophthalmologist is a doctor who takes care of the eyes.

Sometimes, ophthalmologists have to take care of the eyes of children, and some children get very scared, because children know that their world disappears when their eyes close, and they can be afraid that the ophthalmologists will make their eyes close forever.

They are boxers, egg-colored, and to rid himself of them he bends at the waist, and stands on one leg, and hops, and lifts one knee toward his chest and then the other and then… Nearly every morning of his life, Mister Rogers has gone swimming, and now, here he is, standing in a locker room, seventy years old and as white as the Easter Bunny, rimed with frost wherever he has hair, gnawed pink in the spots where his dry skin has gone to flaking, slightly wattled at the neck, slightly stooped at the shoulder, slightly sunken in the chest, slightly curvy at the hips, slightly pigeoned at the toes, slightly aswing at the fine bobbing nest of himself…

and yet when he speaks, it is in that voice, his voice, the famous one, the unmistakable one, the televised one, the voice dressed in sweater and sneakers, the soft one, the reassuring one, the curious and expository one, the sly voice that sounds adult to the ears of children and childish to the ears of adults, and what he says, in the midst of all his bobbing nudity, is as understated as it is obvious: "Well, Tom, I guess you've already gotten a deeper glimpse into my daily routine than most people have."Once upon a time, a long time ago, a man took off his jacket and put on a sweater.He prayed for Old Rabbit's safe return, and when, hours later, his mother and father came home with the filthy, precious strip of rabbity roadkill, he learned not only that prayers are sometimes answered but also the kind of severe effort they entail, the kind of endless frantic summoning.And so when he threw Old Rabbit out the car window the You were a child once, too.Of course, it isn’t just contemporary society that influences a writer.In fact, one of the major influences on almost all literature is mythology.There are many mythologies, but most are known for having archetypes that many writers will base their own heroes or characters on.If you look at religious writings, literature, movies, and speeches, you will see a lot of influence from archetypal models.One of the most familiar archetypes in storylines is “banishment from an ideal world.” We see this as the very first story in the Bible and in many ancient mythologies.We can easily use this archetype to begin an analysis of Shakespeare’s tragic play Macbeth.His downfall was contributed to by the fact that witches told him his prophecy.Lady Mac Beth manipulated him and held strong influence over his judgment.


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