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Every structural element of an essay should be introduced by the appropriate transitional phrase to make the essay flow better.Transition elements; such as “to begin with,” “to sum it up,” “firstly,” “as a matter of fact,” “generally speaking,” and so on; will unite the text into a single entity to make it logical and consistent.

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Sticking to the aforementioned rules will ensure that the essay is irreproachable, not only in terms of its contents, but also in terms of its form.

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I focused on their depictions of Japanese aggression in China 1895-1937. It was especially fun looking for so-called 'bias' in the textbooks.

In 2001 there was a Japanese Textbook Scandal in which Japanese Right-wing professors published a textbook that was took a pro-Japanese, pro-fascist stance. Almost all of the Japanese textbook distributed in schools now tend to show remorse for the Japanese aggression in China though.

Note that the ideas listed below are topic ideas and areas, not Research Questions.

They need refining into a specific and sharply focused Research Question before they are suitable for an extended essay.

Passive constructions make an essay sound more impersonal and exclude the author’s point of view.

They are necessary in the essay parts that give factual information in order to corroborate certain statements.

Subjects and predicates cannot be omitted, as this will make the sentences incomplete.

This usually happens when constructing complex sentences with a lot of clauses.


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