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I include them here in an effort to lay some of these "myths" to rest.There was a Daniel Faulkner, born about 1660 in Germany.

I include them here in an effort to lay some of these "myths" to rest.There was a Daniel Faulkner, born about 1660 in Germany.

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Mary Catherine was the daughter of French Huguenots Daniel and Mary (Warrembere or Warenbauer) Ferree (sometimes seen with the German spelling of Fuehre or French Verree).

Eleanor Edmundson has developed a plausible, but undocumented, hypothesis explaining Thomas and Mary Catherine's marriage.

There was a Thomas Morgan Faulkner, or Sir Thomas Faulkner in the Chesapeake area, thought by some (clearly incorrectly) to be our ancestor.

Where he acquired the Sir is unknown, but is most likely a confusion with the Thomas Faulkner who married Mary Catherine Fiene, of Albemarle, Virginia.

Another was Daniel Falckner who in 1703 became the first Luthern pastor ordained in the province of Pennsylvania. They settled on "the Ridge", near where the Wissahickon Creek pours through a narrow ravine into the Schuylkill River.

Daniel Falckner wrote Curieuse Nachricht von Pennsylvania ("Curious News from Pennsylvania") in 1702, which was combined with another work in 1704 by the Frankfort Company, for whom Falckner became attorney, along with Benjamin Furley, William Penn's agent.He made it his life's work to bring as many people in the village to Anglicanism as possible.The present building dates from 1982, built on a modernized plan of the 1820 building. Mary Catherine's sister Jane Ferree married Richard Davis in the original church building later in the summer, on 22 August 1715.The leek, Ceninen in Welsh, is a traditional emblem of Wales.It is used here to symbolize this branch of the Faulkner family that eventually connects to the Griffith family that originated in Wales. If a reader has documentable corrections or additions to this specific line, I would be very glad to hear from you via e mail to .It would be five more years before these two couples were to actually marry.It can also be assumed that Thomas Faulkner and Richard Davis were British subjects as they were never naturalized.However, Daniel and his brother, Justus Faulkner, were both well-known in Pennsylvania after arriving in the colonies ca. Daniel had not yet married, thus providing one proof that our Thomas Faulkner was not his son.Later, Daniel had six children, but none of them were named Thomas.In October of 1710, 333 acres was surveyed for each man.Sometime in London or before Maria had contacted (?


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