First Day Of College Essay

Use a doorstop or your biology textbook to hold the door open, and people will know you’re welcoming visitors.The homework you’ll get on your first day of college can be a world away from the high school assignments you’re used to.I lived with six other girls in my first year of college, and we all shared one shower.

College can seem like a never-ending stream of new experiences: new room, new friends, new classes.

But instead of being overwhelmed, these six tips will go a long way toward making sure your first day of college starts off right.

Finding the right room for each of your classes on your first day of college can seem like navigating a maze – and nothing screams “freshman” like wandering the hallways with a confused expression.

Instead, take a quick tour the day before classes start to find out exactly where you need to be.

But a bunch of students getting ready in the morning makes for a frantic dorm room.

Chat with your college roommates about their morning routines – when they need to wake up, get ready and leave for the day.Luckily, we worked out a schedule before our first day of college so that we could all be ready to go on time.On the first day of college, your professors will probably review the syllabus and talk about the plan for the semester.It’s much easier than trying to skim all 350 the night before class!Your first day of college will be packed with exciting classes, meetings and events – it’s easy to feel overwhelmed with all of the things going on.You’ve chosen what to pack for college, met your roommate, and said the last goodbye to your parents.Now it’s finally time for your first day of college to really start!You might know where your class buildings are, but where is Room 216A?Make sure you check it out before your first day of college.This makes it seem like you have plenty of time, but don’t be fooled!You’ll probably need a while to get used to the change in workload and discover the best way for you to study for college classes.


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