First Day Of High School Essay

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I woke up early on a dully morning, and I was feeling nervous but excited, I remember wearing my new uniform as my blazer was too big and I had to roll the sleeves back.

Then I packed my bag, but I was unsure what to take so all I took was a pack lunch.

The first day of school I was CIS's first actual school day was at least confusing.

Everything is in a hurry from almost tense atmosphere to the terrible schedule of each student organization passing through the gate. This was mainly due to the fact that we had to move around this time, which seemed like an infinite maze of twisted corridors and classrooms.

Were some of these strangers going to become my new friends? We pushed open the bulky doors and suddenly a wave of deafening noise came gushing into my ears.

Mobs upon mobs of children were all over the place. me in every exam and hold a grudge against me for the rest of the year.

If I was an English article invisible to the student minister of the school - I got an essay on a perfect sentence that reconsidered my first university article.

It is here that he prepares himself for the stage of life. The memory of my first day in school is still fresh in my mind. There were ten teachers including the physical instructor. The school had a compound with lush green lawns and flowers bedded.

Then the bell went and every one was told to go back to there classes but I couldn't find my class then I found some other people in my class who were also lost but then a teacher came and led us to our class, Then when I got back to class we got ready to go on a treasure hunt around the school and we had to find peaces of card out side rooms, and I was partnered with the girl next too me and we went with another group of girls in front of us and we had fun on the treasure hunt and when we got back our group was given a merit and I remember feeling proud of my first merit. Conclusion Once all the awards were given out, a boy from my year sang a leaving song and every one started crying, and I felt sad that I was leaving.

Afterwards every one was in the playground taking pictures but I had to hurry because the PE moderator was coming in to examine my class for our table tennis grades, when I got to the PE room I was late, but I wasn't the only one so it was ok.


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