Forefathers Essay

But Weintraub's book does more than add a fresh dimension to a tired subject.

Instead of looking out at the rest of the world from an American perspective, it rises above national boundaries to place the past in a global context. At a time when the role of the United States in the world has never been more dominant, or more vulnerable, it is crucially important for us to see how the United States fits into the jigsaw of international relations.

Weintraub indicates how American history may come to be written in the future.

Man has explored the universe and reached other planets.

Despite all these advancements the modern man has lost his peace of mind.

Moreover modern society is deadly militarized that has aggravated the insecurities of people.

In short, we may say that, we are better off than our forefathers with respect to scientific advancements and facilities.

Agricultural procedures have not only become easier but also productivity has increased.

In the field of medicine man has overcome a large number of academics that have ruined the society at times.

Tuberculosis, malaria and plague etc are no more deadly diseases now.

Life expectancy has increased and child mortality rate has significantly reduced.


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