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Here are a few questions we're most often asked when business owners are looking for answers about how to franchise, the franchise disclosure document and franchise agreements. Are all the businesses on your website clients you have franchised from start-to-finish? We make franchising Easy, Fun and Affordable (see our Learning Center article on "Get to Know The Franchise Maker").If you don't see your question listed here, please Contact Us and we will be happy to answer all of your questions. Absolutely, don’t be fooled by other websites flashing up a bunch of logos misrepresenting themselves as having franchised those businesses (in most cases those logos are simply businesses these companies worked with when selling franchises for them).

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The Franchise Agreement uses the information in the Disclosure as the foundation to fully detail out all your responsibilities to the franchisee and the franchisee’s responsibilities to you.

The Franchise Agreement also goes into great detail about your trade secrets and if crafted correctly can provide an extra layer of protection in addition to a non-compete agreement.

Perhaps you have identified a unique way to provide a service or you have a proprietary product offering; maybe you have hired employees only to find that once they leave you, they become your competitors and you then realize you should be charging for such knowledge; or you have thought about expanding your business into other markets, but do not want to take on the cost of opening up satellite locations.

Because you want to grow your business, take it to the next level, using the most cost effective and widely-endorsed method of expansion.

These are just a few of the things you can expect to see in the Disclosure section of the Franchise Disclosure Document and all is split out into 23 parts (called items).

This section is typically following by a set of exhibits.This section is a summary of: a description of your business, startup costs for someone who is going to start or open your business, your responsibilities to franchisees and of course franchisee responsibilities to you.Also things such as: franchise fee, royalties, an explanation of territory and an explanation of what services and/or products the franchisee is authorized to use, purchase, offer and sell while operating their business.Ideally we would rather teach you how to screen and qualify franchise applicants which will drastically minimize your liability, not to mention why not save yourself the hefty commissions of a franchise broker if you and your team can do it.When franchising there are many different ways you can generate income.All of the companies on our website are businesses we have taken to franchise from start-to-finish. We have a comprehensive franchise development program and team that includes everything and everyone you need from attorneys to web developers.We craft all Franchise Disclosure Documents (FDD) from scratch and do NOT use templates. We will even prepare your franchise marketing materials, teach you how to qualify franchise applicants and show you where to advertise.Some companies will overlap franchise development and franchise brokerage and tie in huge commissions for themselves or (here is a good one) expect equity in your business as part of their compensation (see our Learning Center article on "Franchise Brokers vs Franchise Developers").Fact: Franchising is regulated by the Federal Trade Commission (FTC) in an effort to protect consumers (potential franchisees) against fraud. The Franchise does not sell franchise opportunities, does not use third parties to create your Franchise Disclosure Documents and does not ask for a percentage of your company as compensation for our services. provides the complete solution for business owners who want to experience accelerated growth through franchising and has assembled teams of professionals to assist with every aspect of franchising at reduced flat-fees.


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