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In the movie latina student Eva Benitez expresses the lack of freedom she feels just walking through her neighborhood.

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By holding them to high standards and presenting them with countless opportunities, Gruwell gave these students a chance to overcome the limitations imposed on them by society.

Gruwell encouraged her students to "do something different, something memorable, something powerful and humane." In response to the overwhelming popularity and success of go to the Tolerance Education Foundation, which was established to pay for the Freedom Writers' college tuition.

Gruwell tolerated the disrespect and mischievous treatment by the students, and she did it for one reason, which was to make her students better people and to show them how life can be better and how certain situations could be handled differently.

The teacher taught them that they had more in common than they thought.

The most significant themes in The Freedom Writers is tolerance, journal writing/empowerment, determination and last but not least is freedom.

Erin Gruwell, the teacher starts on In this case the students in Ms.She has little idea of what she's getting into when she volunteers to be an English teacher at a newly integrated high school in Long Beach, California.Her students were divided along racial lines and had few aspirations beyond basic survival. Gruwell was faced with a big challenge when a group of freshmen students showed her nothing but disrespect which made it hard for her to communicate, teach and understand them.The Freedom Writers Freedom Writers was released in 2007 on January 7.It was based on the book the Freedom Writer's Diary by Erin Gruwell, who wrote the story based on a school name Woodrow Wilson Classical High School in Eastside Long Beach, California.This notion is distinctly displayed through the characters of Erin, Erin’s pupils, opposing teachers, Scott and numerous other characters in the film.It is also shown and developed through the usage of specific dialogue, environment, symbolism, and other film techniques.Everyone in class had lost a friend or loved one dealing with violence. Gruwell got the students talking more to each other and not only tolerating, but also accepting one another for who they are and where they came from.Some had been abused and molested in the days, but most of them were actually victims of substance abuse. Freedom is the right to do, act, say, or think whatever one desires.This film tells a story about Erin Gruwell, who is a young teacher who just started her job as a freshman and sophomore English teacher at Woodrow Wilson High School.She is soon challenged by a group of Black, Latino and Asian gang members who had excessive hate for the new teacher, Erin Gruwell.


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