French Homework Answers

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Brandon: Yasmine, let’s run through the numbers from zero to ten, and then we’ll go from there.

Listeners, Yasmine will give you the French number, and I’ll say the English translation.

(Sometimes you have multiple things to do in one class and it’s easier to put it in more specific categories.) Other than that, I truly love this app so far, which says a lot as I’m writing a review!

Yasmine: French students can not decide their class assignments. However, students may choose their seats during an individual lesson.

Students have to move from one classroom to another during the day, according to their discipline. During high school and college, I always had to go from classroom to classroom for different classes.

Sometimes it was really annoying when I had to go to the opposite side of the campus and carry a heavy bag full of books.Sign up for your Free Lifetime Account and stay on the fast track to fluency with the Basic Lesson Checklist today! The Premium Lesson Checklist will help you stay organized and committed to your French language goals!Sign up for your Free Lifetime Account and stay on the fast track to fluency with the Premium Lesson Checklist today! Hear the lesson vocabulary and main phrases and repeat after the native speaker – it's the best way to perfect your pronunciation!So if you want to say “eighteen,” then you’ll have dix plus huit. Sign up for your Free Lifetime Account and unlock our entire lesson archive today!Our team of French language specialists have been releasing new audio and video lessons weekly. All lessons are free for the first 2 weeks before going into our Basic and Premium Archive.You can follow along with the chart in the lesson notes.Yasmine: It’s the numbers ten, and from seventeen to nineteen.Check out the lesson notes for more details on these key words and phrases. Brandon: Meaning, “Students, open your books to Chapter Four.” This is a pretty common instruction in a classroom.It will be helpful to familiarize yourself with numbers so that you can follow along in a class.Yasmine: This phrase is the future form of the French expression il y a meaning "there is." It’s one of the most important expressions in French, and it’s most commonly followed by an indefinite article, plus a noun; or a number, plus a noun; or an indefinite pronoun.Brandon: Literally, “There will be not my cousin.”, but it means “My cousin will not be there”.


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