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And, like the old and slightly musty saying goes, failing to plan is planning to fail.It sounds a little doomsday, but a little bit of planning can go a long way, especially in terms of managing your stress and ensuring that your study targets are reasonable.

There is a blank version of this table (template 1) contained in the ‘templates’ section at the back of this guide for you to utilise in planning your GAMSAT study.

As noted above, you will receive a number of quotes (these might be statements or questions) that all relate to a particular topic and will all (usually!

Remember that while you want to maximise your score in each section, most universities require you to pass all sections in order to be eligible to apply.

It is also important to remember that Section II of the GAMSAT is often a very effective way of boosting your overall GAMSAT score; while you cannot control what questions you get in Sections I or III, you can ensure that you have a structured, reliable and effective approach to Section II, meaning that no matter what the topics are, you will perform excellently.

You must complete your two pieces of writing within 60 minutes (you also have 5 minutes of reading time).

Theoretically, the pieces of writing can be anything (including argumentative essays or creative pieces such as a short stories, poems, or journal entries) so long as they are written in response to one or more of the given GAMSAT quotes and deal effectively with the themes raised in the quote.As well, he has previously worked as an assessor for an Australian GAMSAT testing organisation.All essay writing (section II) tutoring services are priced at Australia dollars per essay.The precise answer to this question is of course impossible to know!However, if we are to put ourselves in the shoes of those composing the test, there are a few possible explanations for the inclusion of Section II in the GAMSAT.Perhaps spend more time on other sections of the test that you think you might find more challenging.However, if you are pretty much freaking out about Section II but have your sciences sorted to a tee, it makes sense to make Section II a priority.In preparing for GAMSAT Section II, we suggest the following approach (please note that this is just an overall suggestion, and that you are of course free to jump ahead to sections of the book that you feel will be most beneficial to you depending on your current level of preparation and confidence).When preparing for the GAMSAT itt may seem that you have hundreds of tasks to achieve and no time to achieve them!) about what kinds of skills you should endeavour to demonstrate in Section II of the GAMSAT.Understanding the kinds of thinking skills required of you before you begin your preparation will not only help you to focus your study, but it will also assist you in feeling calmer as these are skills that you already have (well, pretty much! So, what kinds of skills do they want candidates to demonstrate?


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