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In the novel, there are many examples of good versus evil.Golding inserts in the novel many Christian symbols--the hit-you-over-the-head kind.He slinks down the mountain, hunched over, and the kids (at first) mistake him for the Beast.

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Furthermore, many experts believe that Jesus had epilepsy (a seizure disorder), and Simon has this condition, too.

He has a seizure at the end of his conversation with the beast, which is why he has so much trouble walking down the mountain after he wakes up.

As his body floats away, the head is surrounded by bioluminescent creatures that make a "halo" around it. Jack creates a tribe, one that sacrifices animal parts to the Beast--very reminiscent of young civilizations.

Maybe the Beast will be pleased and won't hurt them if they sacrifice these pigs heads. Jack's henchmen, Roger and Maurice, are as evil as they come.

Renowned international scholars in theology, philosophy and related religious disciplines have held divergent views that have had a profound influence to the 21st century thought of good and evil.

Nevertheless, there seems to be no end (at least for now) to the often vigorous and heated dispute between the two warring parties of whether good can come out of evil or evil can come out of good.

Thus, it becomes apparent that Golding does believe that evil is inherent in man and not a result of outside forces; and, when the controls of civilization, which attempts the spiritual regeneration of man through religion and through moral laws, is removed, man regresses to his intrinsically degenerate nature.

The island, a virtual Garden of Eden, is invaded by "mankind's essential illness" that only Simon recognizes and the Lord of the Flies symbolizes.

The theme of good vs evil is not only represented by the characters, but Golding believes that evil exists within each human heart.

The "beast" of the island manifests itself in many ways. This is a Biblical theme because the Bible teaches that man is born into sin and the only redemption possible is through faith in God. You can see the theme in just about any interaction between Jack and Ralph or between the hunters and Piggy. In this book, evil is represented mostly by Jack (as a representative of the hunters) and by Roger.


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