Help With Solving Algebra Problems

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The Identity Property describes numbers that can be added or multiplied to other numbers without changing the values of those numbers.

Identities allow a term to maintain its identity even after addition or multiplication.

Perhaps you need to go back and make sure you understand the problem. If you keep trying, and vary your approach, you will get it. If you’ve ever played a video game or packed a suitcase for a long trip, you know that the order and placement of objects makes a difference in the outcome.

Take a second to step back and look it over with fresh eyes. Some things can be moved around to wherever they are convenient, while others can only go a certain way or they won’t fit.

Perform an operation on a number with an identity, and the result is the original number.

The Inverse Property involves addition to get to 0 and multiplication to get to 1.

Whether the path to a solution is obvious or not, there's a reliable series of steps that will help take you in the right direction:: Figure out both where you are and where you need to go before you start working.

Look carefully at the problem to be sure you know what the question is. Start thinking about the techniques that could be useful, and the kinds of answers you expect to find.: Use your experience to guide you. Is there anything about the form of an equation or the shape of a graph or the phrasing of a question that seems familiar?

Maybe you broke up the problem without realizing it, and this answer will lead to other answers and eventually to the right answer.

Did you get stuck partway through because you didn't have enough information?


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