Hispanic Heritage Essay

One third grade classroom teacher allowed each of her students to select one of the articles and tape-record it.

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Positive visibility of their heritage, their history, their ancestor's accomplishments and contributions to humanity - these need to be revealed in a public manner.is to support teachers, youth leaders and community leaders in their efforts to promote friendly awareness of the Hispanic historical and cultural presence - with a positive, accurate global perspective.Concern over the continual propagation of incorrect Hispanic history and the negative portrayal of our Spanish speaking and indigenous ancestors has prompted me to share materials that can promote a better understanding of who we are.The medical revolution in gene hunting has also lead to theories in anthropology suggestive of the biblical Adam and Eve story.A study tracing the genetic roots of humanity suggests that the first common male ancestor-the father of us all, some might call him -- evolved 270,000 years ago.In addition, arrangements were made by the community liaison for the Spanish language newspaper, the Excelsior to translate the articles into Spanish, and they were used as public service mini-spots on Spanish radio stations.If you have a historical incident that you would like to submit, please send to Mimi Lozano at [email protected] Captives,1511 Indian Slaves in the South, 1512 First Impression of Europeans,1519 Spanish Treasure Ships,1519 Martn Lpez, First Prefab Ship,1520 Physicians of New Spain, 1523 First European Settlements in U. S., 1541 Mining in Nueva Espaa, 1548 Will of Tecuichpo, 1550 Saint Augustine, Florida, 1565 Earliest Scientists in the U.But in many cultures, pride of bloodline itself was sufficient reason to keep the records straight, whether on paper or passed on orally.Most Americans of ethnic background question the probable success of compiling a family tree. Unfortunately the hardest ethnicity's to research are Native Americans and African Americans, with written records going back 150 years; then Greek and Irish back 200 years; English, 300 years; Scots, Scandinavian, French and Italian are all 400 years; Germanic and Slavic, 500 years and Swiss 600 years.When you start looking into your personal history, you may be surprised at what historical ancestor's blood flows in your veins. An Orange County, California man with the surname Grijalva was curious about family stories concerning an early Grijalva ancestor who came from Mexico as a soldier (rank, second corporal) in 1776 and helped to settle the Orange County area.Intense curiosity eventually lead to actually finding land records showing what land belonged to his ancestor, Juan Pablo Grijalva, and locating a wall section of the original adobe home.


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