How To Create An Assignment

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You’re well on your way to an awesome workflow with Showbie!

Next, learn how to upload files, and see how using the shared folder can save you time!

You can also upload any downloadable resources here that students can use to complete the assignment.

On the Questions page you will create the assignment’s questions.

Completed assignments that have been submitted will appear on this page.

You can use the various filter options on the left-hand side to search through the completed assignments, based on the feedback type the assignment’s received (none, instructor only, student only or both), the sharing preference the student chose (instructor only or public), or newest to oldest, and vice versa.Assignments allow students to submit work to their teacher for grading.The work may be text typed online or uploaded files of any type the teacher’s device can—the assignment is completed and submitted offline.Setting it up in the Moodle Gradebook allows you to remind students to complete it, and to enter marks against it.You'll get a message that looks like this: You can see how many active assignments you have in the bottom corner next to your sidebar or in your profile.Now that your assignment is set up, take a look at this video to learn about workflow essentials.For instructors, the benefits of online assignments are numerous.See the page Using Technologies to Support Assessment for discussion of the benefits.Grading may be by simple percentages or custom scales, or more complex rubrics may be used. Once you have made an assignment, editing assignment settings brings up new options: Edit Schedule, Export Grades, and Copy Assignment. As a Pro teacher, you'll be able to have an unlimited number of active assignments.


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