How To End A Research Proposal

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Academic Support Services include 1-on-1 tutoring with Professional and Peer tutors; group study sessions for particular courses by Classroom Learning Assistants (CLAs); monthly workshops on specific academic and life skills; specialized Learning Labs in math, critical reading and writing, accounting, and math; and online writing support (OWL).

Read and conform to all instructions found on the council website.

You should include an outline of the various stages and corresponding time lines for developing and implementing the research, including writing up your thesis.

For full-time study your research should be completed within three years, with writing up completed in the fourth year of registration.

It’s also an opportunity for your potential supervisor to assess your suitability for Ph D study, and whether you’re able to communicate your ideas clearly and concisely.

We’ve put together a brief guide to help you write your research proposal.They will help you ensure that your proposal is in the right format and covers all the essential points.Generally, a good research proposal needs to include the following elements: An initial title It’s a good idea to provide a proposed title for your research project, as this provides a very short summation of your intended research.This advice is intended to be general and may need to be adapted according to the required format for your subject area.Don’t forget that you should contact a potential supervisor before you submit your final research proposal- either to the University or any relevant funding bodies.Depending on the discipline, a tight proposal is often best achieved by having a clear hypothesis or research objective and by structuring the research proposal in terms of an important problem to be solved or fascinating question to be answered.Make sure to include the ways in which you intend to approach the solution. The more diverse opinion and criticism you receive on your proposal the better suited it will be for a multi-disciplinary audience.Make it easy for them to understand (and thus fund) your proposal. Remember, too, to show your enthusiasm for your project—enthusiasm is contagious!Organize your proposal so that it is tight, well-integrated, and makes a point, focused on a central question (e.g., “I am looking at this to show...”).Our mission is to provide academic support to strengthen student learning and empower every student to develop as self-directed learners.JLC tutors see each student as a holistic learner, paying attention to the importance of cognition as well as to the emotional aspects of learning.


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