How To Improve Your Creative Writing

If you come across a word you don’t understand, use a dictionary to find its meaning and then practice using it in a sentence to gain a better understanding of that word.For more ways to get kids reading, check out this cool article.You can aim to do weekly or monthly book reviews on the books you read.

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You can even try creating a whole story from all your holiday photos!

When writing, try setting yourself some small goals. Once you achieve this goal, give yourself a reward.

The world around you is full of interesting events. Write a summary of something that is happening on the TV or a video game you just finished playing.

Go for a walk and ask yourself questions, such as what is that person doing? Write about everything and anything you see, hear, smell or feel! There are tons of resources on the internet that can inspire you, in magazines, newspaper headlines and any other words you find lying around.

Also, note down the best parts of that story, what did you enjoy while reading that book?

This can help you to understand the elements of a great story and what to avoid when writing.

Even if you think your life is boring and nothing interesting ever happens in it.

You can write about your goals and inspirations or what you did for lunch today. One day you’ll look back at these notes and they’ll inspire you to write an awesome story – you never know.

You can even take your own pictures when on a day out or on holiday.

When you come home, for each picture you can write an interesting caption to describe it.


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