How To Solve Plugged In Not Charging Problem

How To Solve Plugged In Not Charging Problem-32
Also, this approach is suitable for Windows device.So if you are currently working on Windows laptop, then you can try changing the settings of the battery of your device. Step 1: Click on Windows key icon and then open Control Panel.Cleaning the vents and removing the dust also helps in the process of charging.

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The error arises due to some minor software and hardware issues as well.

Usually, when your laptop faces this error, the charging light will not be visible.

You can try re-plugging the charger into a new outlet.

If this doesn’t work, then you can try the next method.

And so if your laptop is also facing heating issues then probably the solution to such laptops is allowing the device to cool down. A hot laptop interferes with the charging process and so by letting the laptop sit for several minutes or a few hours will help it cool down.

How To Solve Plugged In Not Charging Problem

You can also follow the given tricks to cool the laptop down.Sometimes when your battery drains completely, and you plug in our charger, the display gets brightened, but the charging process doesn’t start.The charging but not charging problem faced by many people is a frequently occurring error.Also, the error will be showing either 0% or some frozen percentage digit available with the error message “plugged in charging but not charging.” The brand of your laptop doesn’t matter as it does not have any hand in causing the error. There can be some issue that causes the laptop Charging a laptop seems easy, but sometimes it takes a lot of your patience as you don’t know what is stopping your device from being charged as you get an error message like plugged in charging but not charging.From the wall outlet to the battery, there are a lot of parts that fail to lead to errors like this.If any of the conditions mentioned above are visible, then your cord is possibly faulty, and you can resolve the issue by replacing your old cable with a new one.Also Check: Laptops have built-in sensors, and they stop charging when the laptops t the battery starts to heat up.So before you replace your battery with a new one or buy a new charger, let us get some solution to the user’s questions like “Why does my laptop say plugged in not charging?” Recommended: 500 Internal Server Error Not every time you get an error like this, it is because of a faulty battery or a charger.Then follow the instructions prompted on the screen.Step 4: Now shut down the computer and then restart it so that the updated driver works.


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