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Soooooo, it is pretty much impossible to get a project that is completely original. Ask yourself the following questions: Let me give you a few examples. I know – I can’t believe it either – I look so youthful!!I still remember a lesson about geostationary satellites from school. here’s a picture of me at school 20 years ago: In class, we calculated the height of a geostationary satellite and discussed the merits of using them for communication.This investigation would be rubbish if it only includes two pages on the history of tennis. This means that you will have to plot a bar chart, which is rubbish for IB Physics.

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You’ve been browsing IB Physics IA ideas and you’re getting frustrated. Today I’m going to show you the same technique for choosing your physics IA topic that I have taught to 2000 other IB Physics students.

I published a blog post last year on my website for physics teachers. Since then, I’ve received on average 17,469,973.5 emails a week (give or take a few! In this article I am going to: Please let me ease your concerns here…

If you chose football, then it is easy to change the following things about a football: ROOKIE MISTAKE!

Make sure you can predict roughly what might happen.

To determine the relationship between the period of a. For example, “Ohm's Law” is not a suitable title for an experiment report, whereas. Lab Process Skills-- Be able to generate an investigable question and its. AP/IB Chemistry Internal Assessment Lab Format The following titles and subtitles (in bold) should be used for your lab report and given in this.

My son is studying Chemistry HL for the Ib what would be a good experiment. Okay, to clarify myself I quote this now out of the OSC IB chemistry. In order to eliminate some common problems in formal lab reports, please check the following items. During the two years of the IB physics course you will perform a number of. Syllabus · Student Safety Contract · Pearson Chemistry Textbook · Powerpoint Presentations.The best investigations are able to predict the mathematical relationships between the variables.This will be your challenge in the Exploration section….! you have your investigation research question, but is it any good?My teacher told me that in 1950 – there were no satellites in orbit.Yet, as science progressed more satellites were being launched into this low orbit to fuel or need for communication and GPS.We tried Google Ads to cover costs but stopped when it became apparent that we could not prevent inappropriate advertisements from appearing.Thanks to those of you who have supported the ODWS in the past. As you’ve seen above, I get around 3-4 emails a day from IB physics student asking for physics IA ideas. But he liked football So in this case, his general topic of interest would be: and so on…One student couldn’t think of ANYTHING that he’d found interesting in ANY of his physics lessons. Note your general area of interest in the accompanying workbook here To get great marks in your physics IA, you need to have a focussed research question.This will be in the following format: We’ll start with Variable X, which is the independent variable that YOU change as part of your investigation.It needs to be an easily changeable variable about your topic of interest.


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