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This means reforming the War on Drugs rather than ending it.The task for the future is to focus the most punitive aspects of the criminal justice system on dealers while using scientifically tested techniques to help addicts get better.They also may have misconceptions about how many people are using drugs.

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It is imperative that we study to whom, exactly, these drugs flowed.

If this were a story of legitimate patients getting hooked on the drugs they were prescribed—and only then beginning to abuse their pills and turning to illicit substitutes—then the problem would simply boil down to prescribing practices.

True, “war” is a terrible metaphor, because it is not something we can ever win.

Rather, it’s a continuous effort that reduces drug abuse relative to what it would otherwise be by raising the costs of using drugs.

In 1999, the year the Centers for Disease Control switched to a new system for tallying causes of death, Americans suffered fatal overdoses at a rate of six per 100,000.

By 2015 the rate was 16 per 100,000, a total of over 50,000 deaths.Teens who experiment with drugs put their health and safety at risk.Help prevent teen drug abuse by talking to your teen about the consequences of using drugs and the importance of making healthy choices.It's also important to know when not to have a conversation, such as when you're angry with your child, you aren't prepared to answer questions, or your child is drunk or high.People have many reasons for using drugs, and your teenager may be considering some of them.The journalist Sam Quinones, author of (2015), a book chronicling the epidemic and the rise of Mexican heroin in the United States, described the shift in his own thinking in a podcast conversation with the economist Russ Roberts.Quinones said that when he was in Mexico reporting previous books and articles, he had believed that all drug stories were demand-driven, and that drug scourges were created by demand for those drugs.It is a demonstration of what happens when drugs are in full supply, safely manufactured, and easily available to those seeking a high and at risk of addiction.This Liberty Forum essay, after giving an overview of how the epidemic spread, will argue that the second scenario predominates.Now, when I did this book, this changed my mind, honestly.I came to think that really most drug problems begin because of excess supply—easy, cheap availability of a drug. To address the epidemic, it is imperative that we study how the supply of drugs rose.


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