Information Technology Business Plan

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"Pretend you’ll be rated on a scale of one to 10 after your pitch. Only a 10 is success and hopefully opens the door to the 10- or 60-minute pitch.

Don't shoot for a high batting average; shoot for home runs.

"We landed Uber as our first major commerce partner and Foursquare as our first major publisher partner.

And they championed us, helping us to raise additional funds and secure additional partners.

Every technology startup is different, but the recipe for what makes a successful startup business plan is the same: it comes down to the universal wisdom of experience. It can be daunting to transform your big idea into a revenue-generating reality.

Startup founders have walked into dozens of investor and customer meetings and came out empty-handed.

Start selling parts of your product before completing your full platform and Braga said you'll get market validation during your startup's growth stage and you'll start building revenue.

She also said that, particularly as a female startup founder, having a good business plan and investors are critical."Your business plan eing a woman founder brings you some media attention, but it definitely doesn’t put you in a privileged place.

It’s cliché to say but you should handpick your investors, making sure that they don’t only share the same values as you do but that they also see women as capable leaders of successful companies." Glympse is a location-sharing app that has leveraged its consumer app into a business-facing startup play to help transform brick-and-mortar business with mobile location data at the point-of-sale (POS). Glympse CEO Bryan Trussel said that, when it comes to pitching to potential investors, 'pretty good' won’t hack it."Only the extreme outliers will get funded.

So, even if it's risky, go for the standout pitch," said Trussel. Five through nine is a five; they might remember you and say 'interesting,' but you’re done.


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