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International Business Lesson Plans-5
It also includes suggested reading and multimedia to learn more about best social business practices.Ethics and Supply Chains How can multinational corporations effectively manage supply chains and promote sustainable practices throughout their operations?

Nine lessons relate to the subjects of Cambodian history, art and culture, genocide, human rights, landmines, sweatshops, refugees in America, war and peace, and powerful women.

Each lesson plan relates to chapters in Students will analyze videos, articles, book excerpts, websites, and photos to make inferences about life in North Korea and life in South Korea.

They will answer DBQs and analyze documents to better comprehend opposing philosophers.

This lesson fits with AP World History’s East Asian Region.

Becoming Modern: Early 20th Century Japan through Primary Sources This resource offers eight teacher-developed lessons that examine a critical period in Japanese and world history: the period of Japan’s modernization and international expansion from the 1880s through the 1920s, a time span overlapping the late Meiji, Taishō, and early Shōwa periods.

The Belief Systems of Ancient Korea: A Case Study of Cultural Diffusion in the Far East Students will learn how Confucianism and Buddhism came to Korea from China.

Students will compare the role of activists in the 1919 movement and Tiananmen Square protests.

Students will use readings, Venn diagrams, articles, and interviews.

Confucius Philosophy and Understanding Students will analyze the different changes Korea experienced under Japanese occupation between 1910-1945.

They will explore themes of nationalism and activism.


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