International Business Plan Template

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Common research methods such as Internet use and other minimalistic approaches will not give you a full understanding of the actual area you are seeking to enter into.

The effective implementation of your marketing strategy is dependent on facts and accurate forecasting data. FINANCIAL OVERVIEW – This section informs your investors, if you are seeking funding, of what capital you currently possess and will have.

This plan seeks to generate a significant increase in company sales and profits from the delivery of retainer consulting, project consulting, market research and industrial analysis, feasibility studies, and strategic analysis and reporting services, compared to the preceding year.

The highlights of this plan are the targeted gross margin and sales-revenue.

This is a final stage when a company puts together its foreign market entry plan and considers all steps that must be taken in order to succeed in international business.

West Pacific Marketing Consultants aims to provide marketing services to targeted business environments in Indonesia, Asia, and the west Pacific region.When you put together your business plan you want to have it reviewed by an attorney with international business law skills so that you are including the correct terminology and following all applicable country and international laws.You also may want to include a cover sheet which gives pertinent contact information for your company; an executive summary which is an overview of the business plan and should not be composed until you are finished with the business plan; and a table of content to provide for an easy read.These targets are attainable through a proactive approach to the candidacy of clients, teaming-up with technology providers, and partnering with reputable local and regional engineering suppliers and construction firms to reduce competition, improve pricing, and reduce risks.This business plan has been created on the basis of five years of market research. MARKETING OVERVIEW – Marketing your company is one of the single most important aspects of a company and internationally it will prove to be even more significant.Your marketing overview should address how you plan to inform your target market about your company’s offerings. MARKET ANALYSIS – In this section you should explain who are in your target markets; your competition; trends in your targeted market; and any conducted market research.The targeted gross margin and sales-revenue for each of the first five years of this plan are presented in the following chart and the tables presented later in this plan.These figures represent the key prospects available for West Pacific Marketing Consultants.International business opportunities are available and now you know how to write the plan to take part of what is available.Here is an example of an internationally position business plan which is retrieved from


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