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This ratio is used to determine a projects debt capacity.

Annuity: When the sum of principal and interest is equal for each period.

Arrangement Fee: A fee paid to a mandated bank or group of banks (lead arrangers) for arranging a transaction.

It includes fees to be paid to participating banks.

Arranger: A bank or other financial institution responsible for originating and syndicating a loan transaction.

The arranger always has a senior role, is often the agent, and usually participates in the transaction at the most senior level (it holds the largest share of the loan).Audit: An independent examination of the financial statements, project studies, or projections.Availability Factor: A measure of how much a power plant is available to produce power, usually expressed as the ratio (a percentage) of a power plant's available hours to the total number of hours in such a period.Acceleration: A remedy available to lenders following an event of default that causes a borrowers indebtedness to become immediately due and payable in full.Acceptance: The positive response to an offer seeking participation in a credit facility.American Depository Receipt (ADR): A certificate of ownership issued by a U. bank representing a claim on underlying foreign securities.ADRs may be traded in lieu of trading in the actual underlying shares.A/P: An abbreviation in international trade documentation for either authority to purchase or authority to pay.Arbitrage: To take advantage of discrepancies in price or yields in different markets.Availability Period: The period during which a loan is available for drawdown.Available Cash Flow: Total cash sources less total cash uses before payment of debt service.


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