Latex Environment Thesis

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article 12, section 4 and 5 of the Ministerial Order No. We refer to the Vancouver protocol’s definition of authorship.

A Ph D thesis in the form a monographs does not need any joint author agreements.

DTU recommends Ph D students to include a few keywords in the title to aid web-searches.

DTU aims to produce excellent research, and wishes to ensure that all Ph D theses meet high standards for good scientific practice.

Furthermore, titles should be concise and informative.

Abbreviations and formulae should be avoided where possible.A synopsis stating the relationship between the articles and summarizing the results is to be enclosed. published journal and conference articles, unpublished manuscripts, chapters etc.) made in collaboration with the principal supervisor or other researchers, a joint-author statement verifying the Ph D student's contribution to each article must be made by all authors.However, if an article has more than three authors the statement may be signed by a representative sample, cf.Please ensure that you read and understand these guidelines.Even if you have a good understanding of what constitutes plagiarism and self-plagiarism, you should consult the guidelines to ensure that you fully understand how specific rules may apply to you.Read more about this at Please read more in My Publications Quick Guide.If the entire thesis or some of it is meant to become part of a series of reports or otherwise become more widely published, this must be agreed between the Ph D student and the Ph D school/department concerned.Still, a possible patenting process must be initiated as early as possible during the course of the Ph D studies so as not to postpone the defence unduly.In special cases, the university may accept a thesis for assessment without the author having completed an entire course of Ph D studies, if the author in other ways has acquired qualifications equivalent to a Ph D study programme.Furthermore, DTU wishes to ensure that all students are well prepared for a scientific career.This means being familiar with the values of good scientific practice as they relate to scientific writing.


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