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Some of the cases you will be assigned will be impossible to figure out.

You will often be reading very detailed, lengthy cases.

Peterson, CONSUMER LAW: CASES AND MATERIALS (“Text”) (4th Ed. Also required is the Statutory Supplement associated with the textbook, Dee Pridgen, Jeff Sovern, and Christopher L. 6-7 - Blecker Article (Justifications for Punishment): pp. Assignments that require TWEN are not expected to be completed before orientation. 307 (1979) See Content Here -Review SMU Law Student Code of Professional Responsibility See Content Here -Ensure you bring a phone or a laptop/tablet, charged to last through class and able to access the internet to the first (and all) classes.

Peterson, SELECTED CONSUMER STATUTES (“Statutory Supp.”) (2015 ed.). -Join “Criminal Law (Jenks)” on TWEN (Westlaw) (type -Read Course Memo, located on course TWEN page -Read Ohlin text 1-12; 20-23 -Read Jackson v. You will be using the device for both attendance and quizzes.

(Gain access with your College of Law username and password.

First year students - this username name and password was sent to you in your registration packet) Get your course assignments here so you can be prepared for the first day of classes.

To access the MBE Pre-test, access the “Link to Take MBE Pre-Test” in the MBE Pre-Test module on Matrix (the first module in the Matrix classroom). The syllabus, a handout, and reading assignments for the first two classes have been sent to all registered students via e-mail. (The Constitution is reproduced at page lix of your casebook.) Century Transformational Events, Historical Dispute Resolution, Construction Law Scholarship Participants in the Process Chapter 2 pp.

a) What is your name (including what you would like to be called)? If you have not received this material, please contact me: [email protected] For our second class (August 22), please be prepared to discuss Article IV and the XIV Amendment to the U. 17-32 Owner, Design Team, Construction Team, Supporting Members, Project Team The first assignment is contained in the required text, John A. Rohner, Dee Pridgen, Jeff Sovern, and Christopher L. Dudley and Stephens (please be prepared to discuss this case) & Note: pp. Suitte) *Note - TWEN will be covered during orientation.

In these states, the pre-2015 WOTUS definition is applicable.

In the remaining states, the 2015 rule is in effect. President Trump has proposed to withdraw the 2015 WOTUS rule and has proposed a new definition that has not yet been issued as a final rule. For the first day of class, I would like you to focus your reading on Rapanos v.


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