Logical Problem Solving Questions

Written formats are usually conducted in the initial stages wherein they need to narrow down the number of candidates.

The written format includes questions on logical and analytical reasoning.

The first step is to describe a situation as the question demands. Tell them the task you were supposed to complete or solve. Like instead of telling that the productivity increased, it is better to answer that the productivity increased by 10%.

Also tell them the role assigned to you if it was teamwork. Tell them about the problems and challenges faced while planning and implementing it. Tell them if the task was completed successfully or not. So prepare well ahead of the interview and have all the figures in your mind instead of just throwing out some random figure at the time of interview.

Be it a manager or an accountant, be it a doctor or an engineer and be it a banker or a teacher, there cannot be an interview without the technical questions being raised.

Your technical prowess is the reason why you are being called for an interview.Behavioral questions may be based on communication skills, teamwork, planning, creativity, accomplishments or handling situations.The key to answering the behavioral questions lies in the Case, Action and Result approach or the S- Situation, T- Task, A-Action and R- Result (STAR) approach.When your approach to a problem is positive then you are sure to find a way out of it. And for candidates, good communication skill is what counts. The interviewers need to know about your confidence levels while implementing solutions to the problems.If you think that the problem is complicated and impossible to solve, then no matter how much you try, your negative attitude will not give you the desired result. So does the candidate break the problem into parts and analyze it step by step? The analytical problem solving skills are important and interviewers target the candidate with such questions which brings his analytical solving skills to the fore. After problem analysis, now comes the implementation part. Suppose a plan did not work as expected, are you the one who lets bygones be bygones?In verbal logic reasoning tests, usually a short passage is given and you are asked questions related to that. These tests are taken for jobs at finance sectors, banks, professional services, consulting firms and for fresher level entry jobs at software and hardware firms. Analytical thinking involves breaking a complex problem into parts and examining each part by the facts and data available and reaching a conclusion.So your analytical skills are tested by such kind of questions.Logical reasoning is used in everyday arguments and reasoning.Also known as critical reasoning, the tests are conducted either verbally or through written form.After the candidate passes the written interview, he may be subjected to a few technical rounds of interview.The final stage in the interview is the behavioral ability interview which usually seals the fate of the candidate.


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