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Investigating the purportedly disabling character of conspiracy theory via analysis of the communicative construction of resistance discourses in online anti-New World Order conspiracy theory discussion forums.

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Please indicate at the appropriate point in the body of your thesis that you have received permission to include copyright protected material and save any correspondence with copyright holders.Ideological Articulations of Media Discourses on Migrants and Refugees in Europe: New Racism and Othering – A Critical Discourse Analysis Monica Ibrahim No 180 Constructing Connectivity: A Qualitative Analysis of the Representation of the Connected and Unconnected Others in Facebook’s Campaign Minji Lee No 179 Space and Place: The Communication of Gentrification to Young People in Hackney Kimberley Brown No 178 Adherence to the protest paradigm?An examination of Singapore’s news coverage of Speakers’ Corner protests from 2000 to 2015 Joann Tan No 177 The system is rigged: A discursive analysis of Donald Trump and Bernie Sanders Jessica Cullen No 176 An Examination of American Mainstream Media Discourse of Solidarity and Citizenship in the Reporting of the Black Lives Matter Campaign Eilis Yazdani No 175 Are All Lives Valued? A Comparative Content Analysis of Global News Agencies’.The LSE Theses Online team can be contacted with submissions and queries at: LSETheses [email protected] is a selection of the best dissertations authored by students from our MSc programmes.It contains full text versions of theses accepted for the qualification of Doctorate at LSE. LSE Theses Online contains full text, final versions of theses accepted for the qualification of Doctorate at the London School of Economics and Political Science.By depositing your work in LSE Theses Online, you (the author(s), copyright owner or assignee), grant a non-exclusive licence to the LSE on behalf of the British Library of Political and Economic Science for the duration of applicable copyright that warrants: From the 2011-2 session once you have successfully completed your Ph D, you will be asked to provide a final copy in electronic form (previously a hard copy was stored in the Library) to LSE Theses Online.These MSc dissertations have been selected by the editor and deputy editor of the [email protected] Working Paper Series and consequently, are not the responsibility of the Working Paper Series Editorial Board.No 222 Audience Engagement with Ten Years and the Imagination of Hong Kong Identity: Between Text, Context and Audience, Zhi-Nan Rebecca Zhang No 221 Straightening out Same Sex Marriage for ‘all’ Australians: A content analysis study of prejudices in Australia's campaign for marriage equality, Tate Soller No 220 In Search for ‘Liveliness’: Experimenting with Co-Ocurrence Analysis Using #GDPR on Twitter, Sameeh Selim No 219 ¿Dónde está mi gente?A critical discourse analysis on new political satire on television in the United States, Darren Chan No 207 In a Mediated Society, Can Indigenous Knowledge Survive?A Network Ethnography Examining the Influence of Internet Use on Indigenous Herbal Knowledge Circulation in a Remote Yao Community, Anran Wang No 206 Beauty and the Blogger: The Impact of Instagram Bloggers on Ideals of Beauty and Self-esteem, No 205 Memories of Babri: Competing Discourses and contrasting constructions of a media event, Sanaya Chandar No 204 Habitus, Social Space and Media Representation: The ‘Romantic’ Contemporary Taiwanese ‘Wenyi Qingnian’ Discourse in the Local Lifestyle Magazine ‘One Day’, Hoi Yee Chau No 203 Stories Untold?


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