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Here’s a sample question: Unlike science math, consulting math only expects close-to-correct answers.In science or technology, a tiny margin of error can lead to major accidents.

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This make it important to be familiar with each one of these case interview frameworks (see sample case interview questions).

We know we could do an entire article on each one, and very well might in the near future (comment below if you’d like to see more on this)! We’ve ordered these from the most basic to the most complicated – when we work with , we have them build up through the case types to develop increased ability as they tackle more difficult business problems.

Your job is to set up a framework to help them find the source of the issue.

The framework should be in 2 levels, and beyond revenues and costs, it could highlight a potential internal company or product problem, competition or a global market issue, etc.

In regular math drills, you will not have the leisure of having a calculator.

We are going back in time to the pen and paper and, your best resource…your smart brain.

These drills are commonly elementary math but be prepared for fractions and percentages.

Again, these are not usually stand-alone case interview questions for MBB (although they can be in a time-pressured partner interview), but they are great practice for Problem Solving Tests (PST’s) and as components for longer strategic case interviews.

Case Interviews give the interviewer an in-depth view of how you think/function under pressure, solve problems, and understand both the large picture and the smallest aspects of a problem.

In addition, they are excellent test scenarios for communication on your feet.


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