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But there always seems to be something changing to throw it off course. But here’s the thing: Meal planning can take the chaos of life into account.If you work it just right, it’s not a rigid plan but a flexible one that can adjust to the needs of a busy family.tried it but you haven’t even realized that’s what you were doing. It’s called the Meal Plan Rotation Plan, and yes, the title of it has the word “plan” in it twice. I even feel a little silly talking about this in a blog post because it’s SO EASY. Basically, the Meal Plan Rotation Plan can be chopped up into two “types” of meal planning. Here are the two types of meal plans, when using the Meal Plan Rotation Plan: Type One: Just plan dinner and “wing it” for breakfast and lunch.

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Here are some tips to include in your meal planning to adapt to the rhythm of real life.

This may seem self-evident, but if Tuesday sees you shuttling kids to soccer practice and ballet, with violin lessons in between, Tuesday is not the day to plan the new cordon bleu recipe you’ve been wanting to try.

Perhaps you work from home, and the best time to cook is after the kids are at school but before you need to start working.

Prep or cook supper in the morning, if that’s the time you have.

Even though you might want to make beautiful nutritious three course meals everyday, if you’ve only got half an hour a day you need to plan for the reality of getting a meal on in half an hour.

That might mean bulk cooking over the weekend, freezer meals, or leftovers. A new school schedule, after school activities, an unexpected interruption, and your meal plan is out the window.It’s frustrating, because you know how well meal planning can work.Life is full of curve balls, but we already know that.Make a list of Plan B meals that you know you can whip up in a jiffy.Because sometimes we get all caught up in the “plan” of doing things, of following along a specific set of steps. Because you want to know the real truth of meal planning? You’ll have the same thing (or close to it) for breakfast and lunch every day, and have a different dinner recipe to serve each night.Utilizing the meal plan rotation plan means you “settle in” to a meal plan.How much time do you actually have to dedicate to cooking each day?Even though you may have a couple hours between work and dinner, don’t forget to take into account all the little chores that add up, like one more load of laundry.Here’s the thing though – keep them only for Plan B!Don’t fall back on them as a habit (did you ignore your phone reminder? Tip 4.b) make sure to have those pantry staples on hand for Plan B meals. There are a number of ways you can stretch out time over a number of meals.


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