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Because pop culture is so widespread, it’s hard to find a good theme to discuss in the paper.Some readers might not find it interesting enough or unique.Smith (1999) suggests that popular culture constitutes values and norms that are promoted by the mass media and enjoyed by the majority of the population.

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Most students want to write about something interesting and of current interest, something that is relevant and will fascinate the readers.

So, here’s a list of some cool topics for your pop culture essay: If you don’t want to write about the same thing as your classmates, we have gathered the most interesting pop culture essay topics and examples of texts. I had to finish the last chapter of my dissertation on Physics, but I couldn’t write a word.

The consumerist values reflected in the show and lifestyles of the Kardashians illustrate how they are the epitome of popular culture.

For example, the recent wedding on the TV show was paid for entirely by advertising revenue (Kenny, 2012).

The Kardashians: The Epitome of Popular Culture Mass media and popular culture have the capacity to shape the values and norms of society.

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In contemporary society, the role of the celebrity is particularly pervasive.

The Kardashians’ father, Robert Kardashian came to fame as a defense attorney on O.

Writing popular culture essays can be both difficult and fun for college students.

Moreover, the Kardashians are the epitome of popular culture because their show and subsequent lifestyles reflect consumerist values, trivial pastimes and superficiality.

Popular culture is a debated concept (Brown, 2011; Smith, 1999; Henry, 2008).


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